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Schedule your child's weekly Enrichment Session

Your child can have an Enrichment session once a week, twice a week or more.  Please enquire about our package should you be interested in daily enrichment sessions for your child.  Please see the Enrichment schedule below.

Hands on independent learning - Enhanced social interaction - A cultivated love for learning 

Welcome to Enriched By Q

Our Story

I was introduced to the Montessori approach when I was asked to assist in an Enrichment Program at a Montessori School.   I then had an opportunity to work at a Private Pre-K and developed and introduced my own Enrichment Program to the children at the school, all groups were small, and the children were given the opportunity to benefit from the program.  The response from the parents were overwhelming.  For two years, I watched children thrive from the program with the desire to come back every single day.  My own children were never given this opportunity and in schools you have to be considered "smart" in order to get into an enrichment program.  I decided that this should be offered to children when they are at their foundational growth because every child is smart, and every child needs the opportunity to learn at their own pace.  At Enriched By Q I encourage the children to do as they learn and emphasize on choice and independence.  It's a program I am very proud of.

My center is designed to provide a well-rounded educational experience and encourage the children to delve more deeply into varied cultures while fostering a greater appreciation for the world around them. This is a critical component of my child-centered approach. The experiential and hands-on special works help to expand the child’s capabilities beyond academics. I am able to offer your child more than any typical daycare could in one session alone, allowing your little one to explore and experiment within my thoughtfully prepared learning environment. 

Ms Q


Kindly take note that the schedule serves as a guide, if you require a different time slot to align with your child's schedule, please do not hesitate to let us know.



Missed sessions due to illness, vacation, or other may be made up within the month the session was missed.

There are no rebates, refunds, or carry-over tuition for missed sessions.

**Sibling Discount Available** 


What our customers are saying

Ms Q is a gem.  Kind, thoughtful and creative.  She helped to nurture our child's interest in chess, yoga and overall wellness.  She also taught and demonstrated the importance of having empathy and spreading kindness- her lessons still resonate!  She truly did enrich our child's education during the Pre-K days.

Schedule your child's weekly Enrichment Session

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