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At Enriched By Q our approach to summer is combined with physical and emotional development with exciting endeavors that the center has to offer, involving enrichment, art, music, yoga and chess.   Our young learners will continue to foster individual growth and independence.  At our center, our young learners will always work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment.  We will have plenty outdoor time, fishing, mining for precious gems, croquet, cornhole, planting vegetables and more.  At Enriched By Q “Summer Addition” our young learners will have a combination of all our specials available to them on their days.  Our center offers so many purposeful works available on the floor that keeps their minds growing and their hearts happy.  Our young learners will be able to come to the center and nurture their relationships with their peers and practice approaching the world with compassion, empathy, resilience and curiosity.  Together, we can make your child’s favorite season even better with our fun enrichment program.  If you are registering your child for the morning Enrichment Summer Session, please make sure your child has a snack and a healthy lunch.  If you are registering your child for the afternoon Enrichment Summer Session, please make sure your child has snacks.  There is no set snack time as we encourage the children to snack when they want too.  Sunscreen should be applied every morning and additional sunscreen, bug sprays and or ointments should be labelled and sent in so that we can touch up before heading outside.

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